YES!  We are installing a fitness center on the first floor for our tenants to use - as many have inquired.  It should be open and available by mid July.  If you would like access to The Work(out) Room, please email Pam to be added to the list!  pking@lowcountryinnovationcenter.comFAQ:1. What equipment will it have?   It will have a treatmill, an eliptical, a rower, two bikes and a Bowflex for weight training.  There will be mats available for floor work.

  1. What will I have to do to be able to use it?   
    • Liability waivers will be made available in the coming weeks, once submitted your building fob will be activated for access.
  2. Will there be a TV? 
    • At the start, you'll be supplying your own audio visual.  Wants/ needs will be accessed based on usage as a future addition.
  3. Are there showers? 
    • No, the common bathrooms are across the hall which occupants can use to change and tidy up before and after a workout.
  4. What are the hours?
    • The room will be available anytime via fob entry.