our focus is to create a diverse environment for businesses to thrive.

Our Approach

To Commercial Real Estate

The heart of the Lowcountry Innovation Center is the belief that individuals perform at a higher level when they are provided with a quality work environment. Our philosophy started with asking ourselves the same questions our companies would ask, and making sure our facility provides an answer. The design of the individual spaces is intended to accommodate the very nature of businesses today. Unlike factory or retail companies, knowledge-based employees take their inventory home with them each night.

Creating an atmosphere that provides value to our tenants and delivers on the high end office setting, are two big reasons we are in business. We have utilized a spacious layout and turned it into an environment to grow individual businesses, and managed to implement some of the newest technology to save you money.

Technology & Design LIC has to Offer

  • Flexible open loft-style space
  • Inviting common areas
  • Virtual Meeting Capabilities
  • 5 tenant conference rooms
  • A coffee bar
  • Data + electrical system reconfiguration
  • High Efficiency HVAC systems for each unit
  • Low flow plumbing
  • Motion censored/ automatic lighting capabilities

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