Serving as a professional home to companies since 2009.

The Evolution

of Lowcountry Innovation Center

Building NH68SC, which sits in what was the Charleston Naval Yard, is the home to lowcountry's Innovation Center. This structure, that is so rich in history, is now a modern, innovative office front for many.

In 2005 NH68SC was purchased by Alan St Clair, of Lead Dog, LLC. Alan believed NH68SC's military-grade construction and robust infrastructure would make the ideal environment to create true Innovation Center, where various knowledge-based companies of different sizes could thrive in a cooperative atmosphere.


Founded in the 1940s

The Lowcountry Innovation Center is located in the former Charleston Naval Yard, Building NH68SC, which was formerly a supply and storage building for the Charleston Naval Hospital. Reflecting common theories in naval hospital construction, the structure had a main, central building connected to eight ward buildings to separate patients. Building NH68SC, a supply and storage facility for the Charleston Naval Hospital was built in 1943, a year after the completion of the hospital.


Restored in 2005

Somewhat segregated from the main building, this two story concrete frame building mimics the white masonry exterior of the hospital complex. It was a utilitarian structure and housed employees who would shuttle supplies in and out to support the patient located several yards away. Employees bustling in and out of this building were part of a larger community, one committed to the war effort of the 1940s. In this noble service, this structure served a vital role for the health and well-being of generations of Patriots.


LIC's Home Since 2009

The Lowcountry Innovation Center opened in February of 2009 and is now the professional home of more than 20 companies and houses hundreds of employees.

LIC's spaces are tailored to accommodate knowledge-based companies in a variety of offices from as large as 8800 square feet to as small as an individual office of 100 square feet.

Our Facility Benefits

We accommodate start-ups, remote workers, flex-staff arrangements, as well as larger organizations. We are focused on creating a working community of diverse companies.

Need More Information?

If you are interested in making Lowcountry Innovation Center a home for your business, please reach out to us! We would love to hear from you.